• Litigation

    Whether you find yourself or your business as a plaintiff or defendant, litigation is never the most desired path.  However, it is a fact that we reside in the most litigious country in the world and there is every possibility that you will find yourself  in a position where hiring an attorney is a necessity… [Continue Reading]

  • Corporations

    Our corporate transactional practice includes entity structure and formation, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial real estate transactions.  Further, corporations require maintenance.  To that end, we facilitate the documentation of annual corporate minutes and remain well versed on the most up to date laws regarding corporations.

  • Family Law

    We understand how important it is to choose a family law attorney that you trust.  These matters can impact the remainder of the lives of you and your loved ones. During your free initial consultation we will discuss legal strategies and provide a simplified explanation addressing your concerns regarding the intricacies of Texas Family Law.… [Continue Reading]

  • Immigration Law

    We are experienced in deportation and removal hearings in the Houston, Texas Immigration Court.  When your loved one is faced with the daunting and complex issues surrounding the possibility of deportation, it is necessary to have fully qualified legal assistance such as that provided at Sowell, Alvares & Walls.  Our staff is equipped to provide… [Continue Reading]

  • Health Law

    You have worked hard to attain your position in the professional world, and we will work equally hard to keep you there.  To that end, we provide expert legal services and advice in health law, including: Physician practice organization Merger, acquisition, and dissolution Compliance with HIPAA Fraud and abuse Stark law Peer review Representation before… [Continue Reading]

  • Estate Planning/Probate

    With over 30 years combined experience, our Estate Planning/Probate attorneys are fully qualified in every facet involved in planning for your future. Examples of our services include: Trusts Wills Probate Asset protection Medicaid planning Directives to physicians  

  • Labor and Employment Law

    One of a company’s greatest assets are its employees and independent contractors. Sowell, Alvares & Walls can assist business owners and managers with all their employment matters. Our attorneys can also assist in the drafting, negotiating, and reviewing of employment and independent contractor agreements, negotiating settlements between employers and former employees, drafting employment policy manuals… [Continue Reading]

  • Contracts

    We all wish that we lived in a world where a handshake was all that is necessary to solidify an agreement.  Unfortunately, that is not the case, and voluminous documents are often times required to do so.  Either for origination or review, both personal and professional, we are able to provide expert analysis and guidance… [Continue Reading]